Want to improve your understanding and exam technique ?

I held a series of webinars leading up to the exams in June 2019 which covered the popular hard topics - Nerves, kidneys, respiration, photosynthesis, membranes, osmosis, cell division, cardiac cycle, inheritance, looking at practical questions. The webinars went really well and were popular with students.

We revised the theory and then looked at how to approach and answer several different exam questions on one topic. Mainly OCR A, AQA and Eduqas past papers.

Whilst the live webinar season has finished, you can still register and look at the exam questions and watch the recording.

New Season Begins Sept 2019

The new season will begin September 2019, there will be a weekly session on Wednesday or Thursday evenings at 7pm, each one will cover an individual topic, have resources to look at beforehand, an a Q&A after the live webinar, then the video to rewatch if you want to recap.

The content will be applicable to AQA, Eduqas, OCR A and Edexcel SNAB.

Each webinar will be £10 - this includes the pre-session resources, live webinar, Q&A and access to the video afterward.

If you are interested then take a moment to follow my crowdcast channel and you hear first when I list new events.

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