Unearthly Linkage - Children of Mr Spock - A level Biology Challenge


Mr Spock, 2nd officer of the Starship Enterprise, has a Vulcanian father - Sarek. His mother - Amanda Grayson, is from Earth.

Vulcanians have pointed ears (P), adrenal-absent (A) and a right sided heart (R), all dominant to the human alleles.

The alleles for adrenal and heart are located on the same chromosome, while those for ear shape lie on a different chromosome.

If Mr Spock were to marry a woman from Earth, what would be the probability that?

·       Their first child would have all Mr Spock’s characters?

·       Their first child would have adrenal absent, but have human heart and ears?

·       That if they had 2 children, one would have human features and the other Vulcanian?