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Tom made a big difference to my results and my Biology, and I hope he has the chance to do the same for many more - Lukas (Eton College)”

Current A level Biology teacher

23 years of teaching just A level Biology

Lots of experience with OCR A, AQA, Eduqas, CIE and Pre-U

Outstanding feedback

100% 5 star reviews

I found Tom after missing my first term of A-Level Biology due to illness and finishing the year with a slew of bad teachers. I was predicted a M1/M2 (B/C), and after a relatively few number of lessons I was back on track and up to speed. A booster before the exams, and I managed a D3 (A), which was especially impressive as it was an exam board for which he had never taught. Tom is easy-going and fun, and under pressure, can explain half a term’s worth of topics in an hour.

Online tutoring is the future and his use of a drawing tablet makes it seem as though he were a seat away from you.

If it wasn’t clear from this ringing endorsement, Tom made a big difference to my results and my Biology, and I hope he has the chance to do the same for many more.
— Lukas (Eton College) - Pre-U Biology

Recently tutored students from:

Eton College, Cheltenham Ladies College, Winchester College, Westminster School, Whitgift School, St Swithun’s School, Wycombe Abbey School, Emanuel School Battersea, Oundle School, St. Benedicts Ealing, Concord College, New English School of Kuwait, Leysin American School (Switzerland),  King Edwards Southampton, Royal Grammar School Guildford, Reading School, Kingswood School, Eltham College, Harris Westminster Sixth Form, Barton Peveril, Alton College, Portsmouth Grammar School, Godolphins, Chesham Grammar, Cardiff Sixth Form Centre, Collingham College, Duff Miller Tutorial College, The John Lyon School.



How you can improve your grades

As the new style questions test understanding and application more than factual recall, many students find this a big change from what they were comfortable with at GCSE. 

Students need to understand why and how a biological process is occurring rather than trying to rote learn the steps. 

After a full explanation of the concepts underpinning a topic, I go through past paper questions and try to coach what the question is actually asking about, how it relates to the theory and how to phrase the answer for full credit. 

I emphasize the links to other parts of the specification and encourage students to think synoptically and apply their knowledge to explaining data



Yes I have done this before ….

Introducing me and tutoring

I read Biology at Sheffield University then a Masters degree in Genetic Engineering at UEA.

After working in research I did a PGCE and then began teaching A level Biology in Sixth Form Colleges.

I teach full time at a top sixth form college. The Biology department is grade 1, as were my lessons in the most recent OFSTED.

Tom has been an exceptional tutor who has supported my daughter in her application to study Medicine. He has been excellent in explaining content whilst maintaining a clear focus on the requirements of the exam board. As a teacher myself, I really appreciate Tom’s level of professionalism. He has always been friendly and reliable.
— Karen - Edexcel SNAB

My classes have achieved in the top 1% of A level Biology Sixth form college classes nationally for value added results.

Many students have achieved full marks in exams and gained places to read medicine.


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One to One

A small change can have a huge effect

Tom is the ideal tutor. Doesn’t rush through anything until he’s sure you’ve understood it. I was sceptical about the online sessions but he’s got everything sorted to make it a smooth session. 10/10 would recommend
— Pasha Winchester College (Pre-U Biology)

Pre-tutorial notes help preparation, and post-tutorial materials allow the student to recap the lesson.

During the tutorial I explain and annotate the notes and slides, discuss relevant exam questions with markschemes and use the whiteboard to illustrate and build up concepts. Students can upload examples of exam questions they found difficult and we discuss how they should have approached them. Every lesson is recorded, and a link to the video file is shared immediately after.

Students that I have tutored have improved from a D in the L6th exams to a A and from a C to an A*.

My explanation of concepts and going through exam questions was a small part of their improvement, a far greater part was helping them to commit to changing their approach to learning and taking greater responsibility for their grade

As a current teacher I am very aware of the shift in emphasis and the different skills required for the new (for 2017) specification A levels.


Why Online Works

The tools I use in online tutoring

Tom is an amazing Biology tutor and is the best teacher I have ever had. He explains topics in detail and always sends relevant revision material before the lesson which helps a lot. Tom has helped me discover the depths in Biology, and I really enjoy his lessons as he covers topics at a really good pace as well as explaining everything properly. I asked Tom to tutor me after I got a bad grade for my A-level and after having lessons with him, my biological knowledge has improved a lot!! Would highly recommend him.
— Jananine - AQA 15.11.18

I use an excellent web-conferencing program, where both parties can view and annotate notes, past papers and PowerPoints, it is an extremely effective tutoring tool. I use an interactive whiteboard to draw out and explain concepts. Time is not wasted travelling and I have instant access to a huge range of exam questions, markschemes and teaching resources.

All tutorials are recorded and the video is shared with the student - this is extremely useful for recapping. I use an HD Webcam, a graphics tablet and video conferencing with a super-fast broadband connection.

Tom has been an exceptional tutor who has supported my daughter in her application to study Medicine. He has been excellent in explaining content whilst maintaining a clear focus on the requirements of the exam board. As a teacher myself, I really appreciate Tom’s level of professionalism. He has always been friendly and reliable.”
— Karen

Prior to the tutorial, I send out preparatory materials to go through so faster progress can be made.



Starting Tutoring

Taking the first steps

Tom is an extremely capable tutor who is well worth the higher fees. He has been tutoring my daughter for A level Biology. She is enjoying the lessons with Tom and I am confident that he will help her achieve the A-A* she is targeting - reports from her school about how she has been doing in her homework tasks and tests shows that she is now heading confidently towards her target - so we are very pleased. Would highly recommend Tom for any biology students targeting the top grades.
— Aisha - OCR A

While most students commit to improve by booking a weekly lesson, I am also able to do fortnightly or monthly lessons.

Just pick the slots that are best for you from the online calendar. You can also book recurring appointments. If your plans change you can reschedule or cancel

One hour lessons are £120


Alternatives to one to one tutoring

You can join in with my webinar lesson series - new season begins Sept 2019. There are many hours of recorded tutorials with downloadable question packs

If you are studying OCR A then streaming the 20 hrs of my exam paper walkthroughs are good way to see how to approach and answer the questions


I held a series of online group seminars leading up to the exams which covered the popular hard topics - Nerves, kidneys, respiration, photosynthesis, membranes, osmosis, cell division, inheritance, how to answer practical questions

I recapped the theory and then looked at how to approach and answer several exam questions on a single topic. There was live Q&A and lots of interaction

The webinars are £10 each. This included the question pack to go over before the session and access to the video replay after.

While the live webinars are now over - you can still register and get the exam question pack and watch the video of the webinar.

The new season of topic webinars will run weekly from September 2019 - on a Wednesday or Thursday evening at 7pm.

To join in then follow the channel and you will be notified of the new events

Follow here to get an invite

Tom is an excellent tutor, who knows just how to target his teaching so I could get the most out of our sessions. Working at a B grade level, Tom was so helpful in explaining topics to an A grade standard. His style of teaching even the most difficult concepts made them easy to grasp, and his interactive sessions made revising biology that much easier. Thank you Tom!
Tom was crucial in my A-Level campaign, He has an incredible knowledge of the course. Unlike many other tutors, he supplies extra resources, which have a huge impact on your learning. I have greatly benefited from Tom and highly recommend him.
— Alexander - AQA Biology