A-level Results Day - August 2017 - Terrific Results and Feedback

A-level Results Day – August 2017

Results Day - always a bit nerve racking for the students (and for the teachers), more so this year with the first results for the new specification linear Biology exams, which have a very different style of assessment and far more analysis and mathematical application.  Good preparation and hard work by my students paid off.

It means a great deal to get positive feedback and hear news of success - here are some of the messages I received yesterday.

  • I got an A in biology, Thanks for all your work , I got into Notts for medicine – Mo (August 2017)
  • A*AA overall, the A* coming in Biology so very very well. This is also considering I was more uncertain with regards to how my biology went in comparison to my maths and economics. Thank you for all your help and hope to see you soon :)  - James (August 2017)
  • Just an email to say thank you so much for helping me in Biology, I got an A, so I'm over the moon!! I think from a C to an A is a great improvement. I also got As in my other subjects which means I'll be off to Durham! – Charlie (August 2017)
  • Hi tom, just checked results and I got ABB with the A being in Biology! Thanks for all your help and hope you enjoy the rest of summer. – Oliver (August 2017)
  • I got an A in Biology!! Who would've guessed considering I got an E for mocks! – Donya (August 2017)
  • Hi Tom, thank you ever so much for all your tutoring and hard work. I couldn't have got a C without you which I was really pleased with as I felt I got an E. Thank you once again – Katherine (August 2017)
  • Lydia got a grade A for biology. Thank you! – Karen (August 2017)

Feedback left on my Facebook page

  • Tom has been an excellent tutor. Really helpful to have and easy to talk to. He helped boost my grade from a B to an A*. Thank You for all your help- Charles (August 2017)
  • Tom has been an exceptional tutor who has supported my daughter in her application to study Medicine. He has been excellent in explaining content whilst maintaining a clear focus on the requirements of the exam board. As a teacher myself, I really appreciate Tom's level of professionalism. He has always been friendly and reliable." - Karen
  • Tom is an excellent tutor, who knows just how to target his teaching so I could get the most out of our sessions. Working at a B grade level, Tom was so helpful in explaining topics to an A grade standard. His style of teaching even the most difficult concepts made them easy to grasp, and his interactive sessions made revising biology that much easier. Thank you Tom!
  • Absolutely brilliant. Very comprehensive teaching which links all areas of the subject to each other making them much easier to understand and remember – Alasdair (August 2017)
  • Absolutely brilliant, always flexible about the topics you want to cover and never ignores the harder parts of the course. I for one went through the Bohr Shift etc about 4 times with Tom until finally it made sense to me. Couldn't have done the exams without him and I'm grateful to have had him as a tutor. – Archie (August 2017)
  • Tom was a really good tutor and took me through the new A Level. Very patient and very reliable and puts in lots of extra effort with the added resources – Grace (August 2017)
  • Tom has been a great help over my final A-level year, tutoring me OCR Biology A. I started the year with low confidence as my AS grades were lower than expected, and I did not always find my teaching at school very clear. Tom explained concepts to me in a much clearer way which really helped me understand difficult topics and finally grasp the fundamentals of Biology and the OCR syllabus. He was always friendly and approachable, making asking questions easy! I would recommend him to anybody. His tutoring allowed me to achieve the grades I needed to study Human Sciences at Exeter Uni this September! – Freya (August 2017)
  • Tom was an exceptional tutor, who went above and beyond to find resources that improved my knowledge and understanding of Biology. I found going through past papers was particularly useful, as Tom was able to explain how the question should be answered. Tom absolutely improved my level of understanding, and resulting grade in Biology. I would recommend Tom to anyone study A-Level Biology and looking for some help. Liam – (August 2017)