Vaccines, Plasmids and Monkeys... More Synoptic Questions - A-level Biology #ocr #eduqas

From an Old OCR Unifying concepts paper. ....

Don't panic, the question is not about DNA vaccines or plasmids. 

The question is about differences between protein and DNA structure,  protein synthesis, post translational modification of protein,  clonal selection, mutation of pathogens. All of which are on the specification.

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Improving "Exam Technique" -how to approach A-level Biology Synoptic Questions

Remember - always bear in mind "what principle of Biology am I demonstrating to the examiner that I understand when writing this answer ?"

Additionally, if you read a question and think that you have not been taught the content, then you have probably misunderstood the question.

Think of the principles behind the question rather than the specific example.

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