“Could you explain this to someone else ? ” Neurones, Action potentials, synapses and resting potentials - Revision and understanding through self explanation

Research shows the effectiveness of self explanation ie could you explain this to someone else

Try using these cards with a partner to revise nerves, action potentials, resting potentials and synapses


  • Print onto card. Cut out, place face down in a pack.

  • Pick up a card

  • Explain the concept with a whiteboard or paper.

  • Use all of the words on each card

Then look up the concept in a textbook and correct your mistakes.

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Neurones and Action Potentials - A level Biology Questions - by topic - with the markschemes

Neurones and Action Potentials give an opportunity for examiners to get you to explain a graph (in terms of the flow of Sodium and Potassium ions through voltage gated channel) and to link that explanation to first year concepts of facilitated diffusion and active transport.

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