A-level Biology: Practical and Experimental Design - Top Tips and Question Pack

Lots of requests for challenging experimental design questions - here is a huge pack of awesome questions that you will definitely find useful

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Top Tips !

  • Never write "amount" you mean mass, volume or concentration.

  • Refer to "a control experiment" or "a variable that I will control (and then name the value and method of control)" but never to "a control variable"

  • Independent variable is what you change.

  • Dependent variable is what you actually measure in the experiment (not rate).

  • Organisms vary from each other unless they are clones !

  • When you suggest improvements think about improving the method rather than the equipment (e.g. control a variable that wasn't previously)

Here is some advice on tables and graphs. And here on measurement and language.

Here are 13 pages of practical based questions in pdf form.

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