How to approach and answer A-level Biology Questions that need you to Analyse Figures, Tables and Images - lots of example past paper questions

DO NOT LOOK at the question and then look at the data to answer the question.

  • Look closely at the graph or table

  • look very carefully at the axes - have they plotted mean or rate or time, mass/volume or concentration ?

  • can you see range bars ?

  • In a table what range is in the replicates when you compare to the mean ?

  • what trends can you observe ? then think about what principle of biology is being shown by the the trends.

  • How would you explain the highest value, the lowest value, the point at which the line crosses the x axis, how would you explain the largest range, how would you change the experiment to reduce the spread in the data ?

Once  you have a coherent understanding of the trends  - only then look at the question.

try this - about 20 questions with data and analysis

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